our chefs & food experts:
Our chefs are all restaurant chefs and caterers, or passionate cooks who have been taught their own home cuisine by generations before them.

It is impossible to list all the fabulous chefs we have worked with over the years and we are constantly meeting new chefs, but our faithful favourites are:

Maria Elia's unique, exciting blend of global tastes has built her reputation for fresh and inventive menus.

Ursula Ferrigno embodies the passion of Italy. An expert on the food of Le Marche and Tuscany, she has also written many best selling cookbooks.

Ina'am Atalla, chef/owner of "Simply Lebanese" and the author of a cookbook by the same name. Her vivid Middle Eastern Food is simply delicious.

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Tom Kime travels the world, cooking, teaching, consulting and writing award winning cookbooks on a great number of international cuisines. www.tomkimechef.com

Fuschia Dunlop is the author of two extremely intelligent, best selling cookbooks on the cuisines of the Sichuan and Hunan provinces. www.fuchsiadunlop.com

Anissa Helou, internationally known food writer, journalist and broadcaster, and the UK leading expert on the cuisines of the Mediterranean. www.anissas.com

Birgit Erath has an outstanding reputation as the UK's most knowledgeable spice trader, her travels have made her an expert in world cuisines. www.thespiceshop.co.uk

Dodie Miller of "the Cool Chilie Company" is a regional Mexican food expert, and the owner of a very authentic Mexican "Taqueria" in Notting Hill. www.coolchile.co.uk